Pay Online
3% Fee

Four Ways to Pay


A 3% transaction fee will need to be assessed for any online payment (excluding application fees).  Renters should add the 3% to the payment amount.  In addition, in the description, please type the apartment address and rent description (rent or deposit), or in the case of applications, please type the applicant's name and the apartment address(es) being applied for.

Example Rent With Fee Included:

If your rent is $700, you pay $721.00 ($700 x 1.03)

If your rent is $750, you pay $772.50 ($750 x 1.03)

If your rent is $775, you pay $798.00 ($775 x 1.03)

If your rent is $800, you pay $824.00 ($800 x 1.03)

If your rent is $850, you pay $875.50 ($850 x 1.03)

Complete Example:

You're paying a deposit of $750 for your 456 Example Road apartment.  To pay online, you would need to pay $772.50 ($750 x 1.03)  In the description, you would type 456 Example Road, Deposit, Your Name.

If you want to pay online but are unsure or have any difficulties, please call us at (662) 473-6120 and ask to speak to a property manager.

     To pay online, please click the button below.

Automatic ACH (Bank Draft & eCheck)
1% Fee

What is ACH?:

ACH (Automated Clearing House), also known as bank drafts or echecks, is a method of payment involving bank to bank direct transfers without the need for a paper check.  These withdrawals can be automated to make recurring payments automatic.  This helps to avoid accidental late fees and also to make things hassle free.

How much does it cost?

The cost is a 1% fee for every transaction.  For example, if your rent is $800.00 a month, then paying via ACH would cost $808.00.

What do I need to do in order to pay via ACH?

All that needs to be done is to simply click on the PDF symbol below, download the form, fill it out and sign the form and return it via e-mail to Cloudfire  One form submission can cover multiple drafts (payments), so there's no need to re-submit a form every month.  

*Important Note* All information must be printed legibly.  Any erroneous information (wrong bank account number, etc.) on a submitted form that causes a missed payment will be considered as a bounced check and will be subject to the associated fees.

How do I know the payment is being processed?

Everyone who requests payment via ACH will receive a confirmation e-mail every time a transaction is executed (rent is paid via ACH).  You should expect the money to be withdrawn the next business day after the rent due date, but payment times may vary slightly.

Form submission deadline:

Form must be submitted by 9:00AM on the due date.  For example, if rent is due on the first but late after the fifth, this form must be received by 9:00AM on the first in order to be processed.

Mail Your Payment
(No Fee)

Accepted payment types:

Check. Money Order or Cashier's Check


Make checks, money orders or cashier's checks payable to:

Cloudfire LLC

Mailing Address:

Cloudfire LLC

P.O. Box 628

Water Valley, MS 38965

Postmark Date:

Mail must be postmarked by the due date.

Please return this completed

form to:

Debit Card - No Fee
Venmo App

Debit Cards Through Venmo:

*JUNE 2022 IMPORTANT UPDATE* Payment must not be flagged as a "Purchase." This is for online retailers of merchandise only.  If a payment is flagged as a purchase, it will be refunded net of fees and Venmo payment privileges may be revoked.

We now accept Debit Cards (Credit Cards not accepted through this method, please see online payment above if you prefer to use a credit card) through the Venmo App with no additional fee for payment.  Simply pay @CloudfireLLC the amount of your rent, deposit or application fee and put the description as Rent (or Deposit) Address or in the case of applications, First Last, apartment address being applied for.


You're paying a deposit of $800.00 for your 456 Example Road apartment.  To pay with your debit card through the Venmo App, you would need to pay $800.00 to @CloudfireLLC and put in the description Deposit 456 Example Road, Your Name.